#BeInclusive EU Sport Awards – 4th May 2022 Bruxelles – call of the EU community that have successfully developed sport projects aimed at social inclusion – GIFT engineering For sport for all 1st classified


GIFT – engineering For sport for all: the project aims to realize and validate experimentally new orthoses that allow children with difficulties to practice sports activities in the hours of gymnastics and during leisure time to promote the possibility of a “SPORT FOR ALL” – Call 5×1000 Polisocial Award, Ed.2019-2020.

“Paul Harris’ fellow” of Rotary International Foundation for the participation in the Global Grant Project AMA:Accessible, Movement analysis for all” Rio Claro (BRAZIL).
Oncological pathology and long survivals: Quantitative evaluation of limbs affected by lymphedema and their recovery following specific rehabilitative treatments – Call 5×1000 Polisocial Award, Ed.2012-2013.
International Award “Wisniesky Memorial paper Award”, recognition for the activity carried out in the field of motor evaluation in developmental disabilities, 11 July 2012, Hallifax (CANADA).
ESMAC Lab Peer reviewer, Gait Analysis Clinical Test Quality Evaluation, London, September 2009
ESMAC Lab Peer reviewer, Gait Analysis Clinical Test Quality Evaluation, Amsterdam, September 2006.
National Assobiomedica Award : “The social cost of the inadequacy of investments in technologies for health Romei M., Galli M., Sibella F., Crivellini M., A method for the quantitative evaluation of movement: the Gait Analysis” ASSOBIOMEDICA Award Edition 2001.01.