The ‘Luigi Divieti Posture and Movement Analysis Laboratory’ is born at the end of the Eighties as a joint venture of Professor Luigi Divieti and Marcello Crivellini, with the purpose to define and organize instruments, protocols and methods in order to study the control system of the human posture and movement and to evaluate and quantify successes and failures of clinical practice. The first placement of the Laboratory was near the headquarters of the “Politecnico”, thanks to a disposition of the Chancellor, and the instruments were constituted exclusively of an Elite system made of two cameras. Subsequently the system has been renewed and completed with a telemetric electromiograph and a force platform, and the Lab was moved inside the new Department of Bioengineering. Then equipment, means of calculation and support instruments have been widened with an area dedicated specifically to training and didactics. Born for the analsys and the study of the problematics related to human posture and movement, the Laboratory has always had a strong interaction with clinical research and sanitary structures, beyond connections to many sport actvities. The Laboratory has been always distinguished for its great availability to any external sollicitation, coming from whichever field. Care for the Didactics, research and will to exchange acquaintances and experiences with other and different fields were the characteristics of Professor Divieti, dead after a short desease, at the end of 1994. Ordinary University Professor of Biological Systems of Control he has been one of the first teacher of Bioengeeniring in Italy and who, among few, oppose himself, with force, intelligence and morality, to the corporative miseries and the petty partitions of power that continue to spoil the academic world.